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Viagra Or Generic Viagra How To Choose?

Viagra Or Generic Viagra How To Choose?

There has long been confusion among many men about the difference between Viagra and generic Viagra. In this article we investigate whether there is any difference between the two?

Why Viagra?

Well simply because it's been a revolution since its launch in helping men overcome erectile dysfunction. The causes of ED can sometimes not be cured at all especially in older men. So before there was viagra prices ED would mean a permanent stop to man's ability to have sex. But by using Viagra it's at least possible to have a normal sex life despite suffering from ED.
Viagra or Generic Viagra contains Sildenafil citrate which is a PDE5 inhibitor. Sildenafil boosts blood flow into the penis thus counteracting the effects of erectile dysfunction. This is made possible firstly by increasing the distribution of nitric oxide in the penile region by inhibiting the c-GMP enzyme. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Corpus cavernosum is the region in the penis that holds most of the blood that is supplied to the penis during sexual stimulation. Relaxing the muscles leads to widening of blood vessels attached to it. As a result a greater amount of blood is now filled up in the blood vessel which leads to improved blood flow to the penis when these blood vessels dilate. Viagra samples can sometimes act as a confidence booster for men dealing with performance anxiety allowing them to be in a more relaxed frame of mind.

Is there any difference between buy viagra online and Generic Viagra?

Let's tackle this topic on two fronts. Firstly let's discuss if there is a difference in the effectiveness of Viagra and Generic Viagra. Generic Viagra online is also composed of the same active chemical component as brand name buy viagra cheap viz. Sildenafil citrate. That's one of the prerequisite of a generic medicine. The other similarities between generic and brand name Viagra include

* Both medicines are manufactured using the same technology, in similar dosages and also administered in an identical fashion

*The manufacturing and packaging technology used for both the medications remain the same

*Both medicines are FDA approved which means that they are biochemically equivalent in terms of composition.

The only difference in composition of Generic Viagra is that the inactive substances like color are usually different.

Now let's discuss the difference between Viagra and Generic Viagra from an economic stand point. Generic Viagra can be bought on average 50% lower rates than brand name cheap viagra. The cost of medications of Viagra in the US is on the higher side due to the fact that there are no restrictions placed by the government on the rates at which medications can be sold unlike other developed countries. On other hand generic manufacturers already incur lower costs as there is no need for research or development can pocket a healthy profit despite keeping the rates so low. Considering that both the medications are essentially one and the same, it means that if you buy sildenafil Viagra online it's possible to avail great discounts.

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